Volume II - 2009 (6)

Brîndușa Orășanu: Editorial

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1 - The Analyst’s Transference on the Psychoanalytic Theory and Institution

In this paper I will try to underline some peculiar situations that the candidate, in his so called ‘Training Analysis’, has to handle, when he meets some difficulties that analysands, with no training projects, usually do not meet. I will further point out some other difficulties that also trained analysts have to face in their psychoanalytic (this term, from here on in the text, will be replaced by the Greek symbol ø) a ... Read more

2 - The Work Of Clifford Yorke

Clifford York was one of the leading Freudians of his generation. As Anna Freud’s close colleague, he was also one of the last remaining links to the theoretical and clinical tradition set by her father, Sigmund Freud. Clifford Yorke was a prolific writer and played a very active role in the scientific life of both the British Society of Psychoanalysis and the Anna Freud Centre. The Anna Freud Centre was the foremost interna ... Read more

3 - New perspectives in Psychoanalysis

Not all news is good news, as not always no news means good news. At least, not in science, not in arts and not in psychoanalysis. However,what is new, when it does not frighten too much, has the potential to arisethe interest. This is, perhaps, because it activates our exploring, risk-taking behaviors, which, as we all know, represent something radicallyopposed to conservative, security seeking attitudes.

4 - De l’utilité du psychodrame

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5 - L’identité du psychanalyste

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