ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOANALYSIS receives original articles for publication (in electronic or printed form, in English or French) about any psychoanalytic theme.

The authors are required to follow the following typing rules:

The article is to be written with diacritical marks in French or English, with the abstract and the key-words translated in both languages; the paper will not exceed 18 pages and will be written in Word format, Times New Roman 12 font, Paragraph – Line spacing – double.

It will be sent by e-mail to our editorial office ( and you will receive confirmation; the page numbering will be: position – bottom of the page, alignment – right. The article will contain an introduction and, in the end, conclusions and references.

The first page will contain: the title of the paper (it should not exceed more than 40 characters), the author’s name, his/her affiliation (institution), e-mail address for correspondence, a concise abstract (maximum 200 words) and keywords (maximum 6 words). The paper will include an introduction, conclusions and references at the end.

In case articles are based on clinical materials, the author has to confirm that he/she has taken into consideration different methods of protecting patients’ confidentiality.

The footnotes will be reduced to the minimum and they are not to be used as bibliographical references.

The quotations are to be accurately checked, specifying the exact page. Any underlining using italics within a quotation should be indicated as such, mentioning in brackets after the quotation (“my underlining”).

Bibliography. The references will appear in the text, with the author’s name, followed by the publication year and the quotation page, written in brackets as follows: (Freud, 1918, p.87); if there are more than two co-authors, the text reference will indicate only the first author (Smith et all, 1972); the complete reference of the works quoted will appear in the final bibliographical


The authors should limit themselves to the references that are relevant to the article. The authors will be listed alphabetically and their works in the chronological order of publication. If, for the same author, different works published in the same year are quoted, they will be indicated by using the letters a, b, etc. When a certain reference does not refer to the original publication, the year of the edition used will be mentioned at the end.

In case of translations, the title and the edition of the original source text are to be mentioned in brackets.

For quotations extracted from books the followings are to be mentioned, in this order: author – name and the initial of the forename; the year of the first edition written in brackets, which has to correspond to the text quotation; the title of the work written in italics, publishing house, place, year, volume.

eg.: NIETZSCHE, F. (1872). The birth of tragedy. Geuss R, Speirs R, editors, Speirs R, trad. Cambridge and New York, Cambridge, 1999.

For quotations extracted from articles the followings are to be mentioned, in this order: the title of the article; the title of the magazine quoted in italics; the volume number in Bold; the year and the number of pages between which the article is covered.

eg: YOUNG, C., BROOK, A. (1994). Schopenhauer and Freud. Int. J. Psychoanal. 75: 101 – 18.

If the reference contains a title in another language, apart from French/English, the translation of its title will be written in either French or English and will be included in square brackets.

For the references that are not published one should mention “unpublished communication”, followed by the place and the date of the communication.

The corrections and modifications required by the editorial committee will be inserted in the written text with the prior consent of the authors.

The articles are to be sent to the editorial board of the RJP (Romanian Journal of Psychoanalysis) by email (