Volume VII, no. 2 - 2014 (15)

Bogdan Sebastian Cuc, Editorial

This article is available in French only.

1 - Rodica Matei, Frances Tustin – Autisme et protection

This article is available in French only. Frances Tustin est psychanalyste, une des premières psychothérapeutes de l’enfant, au début des années 1950. Elle a pratiqué la psychothérapie avec des autistes pendant nombreuses années. Son activité avec les enfants souffrant d’autisme est marquée par la compréhension psychanalytique et le traitement inspiré par la psychanalyse des états autistiques chez les enfants e ... Read more

2 - Rodica Matei, Dreaming Impossible Dreams in the Social Space, Discussion on the paper Dreaming the impossible dreams in the analytic space, by Daniela Luca

I read Daniela’s paper on dreams, reverie, Bion… I read how she dreamt about her patient. And of course, the following night, I also dreamt about my patient, David, aged six.

3 - Horst Kächele, Alfred Dumitrescu, On Dreams and Dreaming…, Discussion on the paper Dreams as Subject of Psychoanalytical Treatment Research

“Could you please introduce the discussion of a dream in your presentation?”…this is probably one phrase that many candidates in psychoanalytic training around the world have heard at least a few times and I believe most of us are quite familiar with the feeling of anxiety it always triggers.

4 - Bogdan Sebastian Cuc, La symbolisation primaires – au-delà des mots: le rencontre, Discussion sur La Fonction Intégrative du Rêve, de René Roussillon

This article is available in French only. Je partirai, pour cette discussion de l’exposé du Professeur Roussillon, du processus de symbolisation primaire et je m’attarderai sur quelques questions concernant les conditions et les prémices nécessaires à la réussite de ce processus.

5 - Matei Georgescu, Prometheus, the Angel and the Analyst - Comment on the article: The Three Dreams of Samuelle the Angel, the Owl and Homosexuality, by Irene Talaban

The thread of the paper carries us to perennial benchmarks of psycho¬analysis, namely to the structure of the dream function. K. W. Dream, science of dreams, function of the dream, the prospective dimension of the dream.

6 - Irena Talaban, Les trois rêves de Samuela

This article is available in French only. The article presents some footage on three dreams of a 17 year old girl. Based on various criteria of dream interpretation, the article proposes the hypothesis that the dream would be a search for a solution and that it would have a predictive dimension. An old Talmudic observation says that a dream not interpreted is like a letter unread. The article raises a number of questions regar ... Read more

7 - Rita Teodoru, Talking about the Psychic Change in Terms of Need, Desire and Capacity

Attempts to measure the “moti¬vation for change” as a predictor of success or failure in psychotherapy are not warranted. The concept of motivation is useful if one looks in detail at the hierarchy of motives, from conscious to unconscious, from conflict-free to primitive, drive-determined for¬ces, at any given stage of psycho¬therapy. Doing so will help distin¬guish wishesto continue experiencing the real and fantasie ... Read more

8 - Françoise Neau, Figures et paradoxes de la cruauté en psychanalyse

This article is available in French only. Cruelty, which is not a psychoanalytic concept, appears in different figures in Freud's work. It is first taken in the sexual current, as ephemeral “cruelty drive”, in part, or as a “predisposition” for easy cruel children, which must be contained and suppressed by morality and culture work, before appearing as cruelty of the obsessive neurotic, or as cruelty of the superego in ... Read more

9 - Dominique Suchet, Passionnément, quand la folie sˈinvite dans la cure

This article is available in French only. In the analyst’s way of listening, the words are losing their commu-nicational value, both those heard and those that unfold in the analyst, in his intimacy. They are imme¬diately decom¬posed and recom¬posed, according to the rules of the work of prototypical dream of the primary process, when thoughts of different kinds break, move and assemble, when sleep sets in and protects th ... Read more

10 - Daniela Luca, Dreaming the Impossible Dreams in the Analytic Space

In the analytic space, which is a co-felt, co-created, co-thought space, both the analyst and the analysand, the dreaming and the reverie are present, session by session, if – as W. R. Bion, Th. Ogden, A. Ferro remind us – the emotional experience is possible, if the dream could be dreamt, unconsciously or consciously, if being able of analysing means internalizing the analytic function – a thinking, dreaming function, o ... Read more

11 - Horst Kächele, Dreams as Subject of Psychoanalytical Treatment Research

This paper will focus on the last of the six functions and will – by providing three empirical illustrations – point to the rather meager attention given to dream reports in treatment research. When we speak about dreams in psychoanalytic therapy, we tend to think of a specific dream; quite rarely it is considered that the repeated commu¬nication of dreams belongs to the core features, especially of psychoanalyic therapie ... Read more

12 - Brîndușa Orășanu, Création du temps dans le rêve et dans le processus psychanalytique

This article is available in French only. The paper starts from a vignette containing a dream recounted in two sessions, a dream that consists of two parts. Developing Freudian ideas and those of other authors with respect to time, the author suggests that the feeling of time is not only related to external, objective time, or to the perception of one’s own psychic acti¬vities, but that it also includes an entire anti-traum ... Read more

13 - David Tuckett, Dreaming the Session: Some Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique

In this paper I will explore what is that happens when a patient lies down on a couch and a Psychoanalyst sits behind. What does it mean if we say the patient then associates freely and the analyst listens to and then occasionally talks to the patient about the patient? I want to revisit the fundamental concepts of free association, resistance, transfe¬rence, countertransference and enac¬tment to discuss why it may be useful ... Read more

14 - René Roussillon, La Fonction Intégrative du Rêve

This article is available in French only. My reflections on the dream part in what is one of my areas of clinical exploration in psychoanalysis, the narcissistic-identity issues and their psychoanalytic treatment. What is placed at the heart of their cure is the matter of integrating the narcissistic trauma and particularly the integration of the early narcissistic trauma, which we are to discuss further below. Their psychic i ... Read more

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