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The articles presented in the 2/2020 issue of the Romanian Journal of Psychoanalysis continue the theme of THE SECRET, begun in this year’s first issue.

Bion hardly ever mentions the concept of regression in the classical sense. However, he uses it to understand whether the direction taken by the therapeutic relationship in the here and now of the session is towards psychic growth or rather in the opposite direction. Therefore, asking oneself what it represents for Bion implies inscribing the concept of regression in the framework of the grid, the kind of conceptual compass th...Read more

Contents - Tome XIII, no. 2 - 2020

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The Romanian Journal of Psychoanalysis was founded in 2007, on the occasion of the International Colloquium of Psychoanalysis « Thinking Hate and Violence » (Bucharest, 2008), at the initiative of the Romanian psychoanalyst Nadia Bujor from the Psychoanalytic Society in Paris. Brînduşa Orăşanu, Vera Şandor and Vasile Dem Zamfirescu, from the Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis were the founders, as well as the Romanian Scientific Committee of this journal. The purpose of the journal is to stimulate psychoanalytic research and scientific communication in this field, both between Romanian psychoanalysts as well as between them and their foreign peers. It is for this reason that the articles are published exclusively in French or English.





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