Rom J Psychoanal 2022, 15(1):119-140
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2022-0010

Abstract: The topic of the article aims to address, from the perspective of some theoretical considerations, how the nature of human interactions is metamorphosing, transforming, when interfaced with current realities. We will make a few references starting from the meanings arising from the linguistic semantics of the terms, then going through the semiotics and logic of functioning of the binomial “individual-group”, which vectors the intersubjective specificity of a crowd, then we will go on with “mapping” the psychodynamics of the human cartography, applied to some samples of reality, of those we face today. We begin with the presentation of some conceptual condensations in order to offer to the understanding that we propose afterwards, an interpretative theoretical filter, starting with Freudian landmarks and continuing with some ideas of contemporary psychoanalysis. Our perspective aims at the parameters of the processes of "triangulation”, from the early period until the completion of the Oedipus, as the foundation of the later constellation of relationships, both at the individual and at the group level. We consider the interdependence of the mechanisms of functioning of the two categories, when facing the vicissitudes of internal and/or external reality, respectively, the prevalence of the mechanisms of the schizoparanoid position in the existential crisis dynamics.

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