Rom J Psychoanal 2022, 15(1):81-94
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2022-0007

Abstract: The space-time unit, as the basis of institutional construction, a place and a time in which anxieties, conflicts, the thanatic impulses or the drives of the Eros can be updated, conceived, integrated, is in a relationship of dependence with the context, a context in which it grants its functionality. This conditioning highlights the fragility of the space-time unit, under the pressure of multiple affiliations, of the polysemantism of representations, of uncertainty. Starting from an institutional perspective on the analytical setting, built as a unit of space-time, I propose a foray into the dream universe under particular existential pressures, together with Charlotte Beradt and her impressive testimony from the book “The Third Reich of Dreams” (Das Dritte Reich des Traums), in which she managed to collect 300 dreams of ordinary people who lived during Hitler’s regime.

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