Rom J Psychoanal 2019, 13(1):67-80
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2019-0005

Abstract: Exploring the archaic, as a space-time unit that we can only identify as such in après-coup, leads us to strange, peculiar experiences whose manner of emergence in the here and now of the cure lead to re-configurations of the interactions inside the consulting room. Placed in a personal pre-history, connected with the fusion and de-fusion experiences, the archaic may represent for the psychoanalytic situation the occasion of re-writing the history, a history that starts from the same pre-history, but which is re-configured in other possible histories ... The histories we hear, but also those we build inside the analytical process, are carried out under the pressure of the archaic experiences penetrating the analytical situation in the negative of the present forms.

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