Rom J Psychoanal 2018, 11(2):57-72
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2018-0018

Abstract: In this work the author considers how the Freudian psychoanalytic paradigm has been transformed by Bion’s theory and how the transference-countertransference dynamics must be transferred into an oneiric way of thinking. Here, a “quid” of lie becomes necessary to compare the traumatic experience of the patient with the analyst’s capacity to suffer his own personal and professional critical steps. If the analyst is to contact the O of the patient, it is necessary for him to contact his own O – during his training and in his personal narrative. Truth needs a “bit” of lie to be born, and the lie of the dream is one of the possibilities for intercepting the truth that the patient brings in analysis or, at least, the only truth that the patient can live. This truth, however, needs a share of lie (of poetry, of dream) in order to generate new emotions and new life.

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