Rom J Psychoanal 2022, 15(2):55-74
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2022-0014

Abstract: Disruptive behavioural pathology is considered an indication of antisocial personality disorder or a precipitating or triggering factor of an Axis I psychiatric disorder. Psychodynamic psychiatry, which originates from the psychoanalytic explanatory view, takes into account the complex aetiopathology of the violent dysbehavioural syndrome. The present article describes the pathology of impulsivity, when and whether it is a strand of a personality. Oppositional defiant disorder and behaviour, intermittent explosive disorder, conduct disorder, pyromania, kleptomania, ADHD and aggression are described. Emphasis is placed on the importance of neurobiology as well as educational psychology and psycho-behavioural interventions, in which dialectics play a central role. Antisocial problems developed on the basis of a mentalisation deficit and a tendency to act without the filter of cognition represent an inability to manage the affections, which remain in their raw form with explosive outbursts. Such an internal dynamic cannot be regulated by censorship, but by a rigid, institutionalised super-ego.

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