Rom J Psychoanal 2021, 14(1):141-158
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2021-0011

Abstract: It is a consequence that many women are unaware or are not able to identify the emotional consequences of menopause. It is likely that this ignorance must be associated with factors which, in fact, aggravate their physical and emotional state. Emotional manifestations are controversial and scarce in the psychoanalytic literature, a fact that motivates a deeper exploration of the theme. A literature review was carried out, examining books by authors of psychoanalysis that address this subject in a part of their work, among which we mention Freud and Laznik. This article contemplated some hypotheses about the psychic factors that could arise during the menopause phase. The influence of the Oedipus complex and the incestuous ghosts that may appear in some women during this period was discussed, in addition to the question of women facing their finitude. It also raised the importance of the look of another on a woman who experiences menopause and how it can be restorative and fundamental for her narcissism. It should be noted that the menopause process will take place in a singular way according to each experience and with the different ways each woman has to deal with a new situation.

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