Rom J Psychoanal 2020, 13(2):117-130
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2020-0019

Abstract: In light of the questioning related to contemporary parental combinations, I maintain that whatever these combinations may be, in the majority of cases a good enough mixture of life and death sexual drives, of ethical ability and of vital narcissism, will exist in the parents’ psyche, even though proper genital sexuality has been either partially or completely excluded from procreation. This good enough mix lies at the foundation of a good enough child development for what concerns the unavoidable impact of the parental environment upon the child’s psyche’s formation. I will use the Oedipus’s “anamnesis”, describing the potential dynamics of any parents’ psyche through this myth. I will insist upon the ethical dimension, while, following Emanuel Levinas, I will define ethics as a responsibility for the other, an ability originating, in my view, in the feminine/ maternal of any human being and resulting first from the traces left in the infant and then the child’s psyche’s zone of infinity by the enigm-ethic messages coming from the adult world, which is in charge of him or her. Respecting this emotionally loaded asymmetric responsibility in the parent/child relationship, in any kind of parental constellation, facilitates a sense of singularity, of identity and of belonging in the child.

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