Rom J Psychoanal 2019, 13(1):153-176
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2020-0011

Abstract: This paper considers what occurs during midlife when the certainty-uncertainty tension that inhabits every subject is affected. The body with its drives becomes the messenger who announces the passage of time and life’s finitude. Time is challenged by one’s own body, triggering a psychic work that will enable the subject to deal with his/her own transience. Based on Freud’s writings, the author suggests that one’s own body is experienced as an annoying intruder that now bothers, because what is being touched is the idea of his/her own immortality. The emotional state that is generated is one of perplexity and the experience, one of disorientation, accompanied by a feeling of alienation. Each subject’s uniqueness will give him/her (or not) the possibility of passing from a feeling of alienation to the re-appropriation of that foreign-familiar zone. Due to the psychic impact generated, a change of paradigm is also put forward, if the necessary resources are available. Once the limitations of personal time and the uncertainty of living are recognized, the opening up of what-is-to-come can paradoxically take place, enabling the re-launching of one’s own desire.

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