Rom J Psychoanal 2019, 13(1):129-156
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2019-0008

Abstract: In this article I have chosen to approach the topic ofpersonal truth, always subjected to repression, therefore beingunconscious. This truth governs the choices in our lives, the attitudesand desires. Repression shows that this truth is unacceptable,unutterable - it must not be exposed, presented, or even consciouslyrepresented. When we discover it and manage its integration withinthe ensemble of our personality, we achieve the capacity to truly loveand live, in an authentic manner. The process towards uncovering this truth is difficult and involvesmany reorganisations on the level of psychic reality, of self-image, ofrelationships with others as well as with one’s self. The reactionwhen faced with this discovery is fear, and the reaction towardspsychoanalysis, which facilitates the discovery of this truth, ishatred. When personal truth is repressed and its attempts atbreaching the conscious are obstructed by perversely imposing areligious truth which excludes it and confers absolute power onto the superego before the ego, the analytic endeavour must lead to a reinvestment of the patient’s ego, so that, later on, the analyst can become the partner of this ego in the pursuit of personal truth.

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