Rom J Psychoanal 2018, 11(2):15-26
DOI: 10.2478/rjp-2018-0014

Abstract: This paper is centered on the subject’s private dialogue with his/her own body during midlife – in this case «body» means an open history coming from the wish of a child that parental figures projected, something that remains open to changes till the last minute of life. This situation revalidatesego’s discourse with him/her during this period of the life cycle, highlighted with the imprint of one’s own finitude. The author also presents a clinical case through which the understanding of the subject’s major intimacy with himself/herself is made possible – something that demands a never-ending re-adoption of changes encompassed by the passing of time. This re-adoption is the core of midlife – a period of the life cycle where physical changes usually imply different kind of losses. Through this clinical case it is also clear that the specific link that exists between the first representations that gave birth to the I-body dialogue and those closely related and specific to midlife.

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