Rom J Psychoanal 2017, 10(2):237-246
doi: 10.26336/rjp.2017-1002-14

Abstract: In Romania, psychic disorder is still considered a stigmata and even if there are initiatives, both at governmental and non-governmental level, the addressability and participation of these organisation is reduced, because of financial and logistical implications. (David, 2015) The psychodynamic psychiatry occurred in the context of manifestation of some marked divergences between approaches that were mutually negating the contribution to the evolution of mental health sciences. This tendency of permanent rejection of principles, studies, methods proposed by the other approaches proved, however, extremely fast, to be an artificial, ungrounded and ineffective one. Therefore, the clinical facts contradicted the tendencies mentioned above and highlighted precisely the impossibility to understand the complexity of the human being, appealing to theories excessively preoccupied to be delimited one from the others. (Gabbard, 2007).

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