Rom J Psychoanal 2017, 10(2):181-188
doi: 10.26336/rjp.2017-1002-10

Abstract: In the continuous flow of experience, to mark the identity landmarks is not always a process that easily reveals its importance, although the vitality of such a process is obvious. To know, illusory or not, how the body constitutes in senzations, perceptions, emotions, structures and thoughts is a way to find your place in your own body, mind and life. As Bogdan Cuc showed in his paper, this “livens each therapist’s work” and this is why we head our attention towards the manner in which identity is constructed, keeping in mind the fact that the atempt to manage a continuous changing process, specific for a non-structural identity, could signify the long traumatic for which we have not enough knowledge and understanding.

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