Rom J Psychoanal 2017, 10 (2): 111-132
doi: 10.26336/rjp.2017-1002-7

Abstract: Mourning stands among the early traumatic experiences that lead to narcissistic identity disorders. The separations that the child has experienced, regardless of their cause, are difficult to work-through and integrate within the child’s psychic life, sometimes even impossible. The child’s capacity to go through a process of mourning depends on his / her relationship to the mother, on the age at which this separation is experienced, but also on the relationship with the lost object. Sometimes, children are exposed to a mourning which the parents are unable to achieve, and which they displace upon their children, this having negative effects upon the narcissism of the latter. Throughout this paper, I set out to describe the consequences of such a mourning upon the child’s subsequent development. I took into account the parents’ loss of a child, either before the patient’s birth or, a different situation, the loss having occurred when the patient was less than two years old and had no direct contact with the deceased sister.

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