Rom J Psychoanal 2017, 10(2):35-52
doi: 10.26336/rjp.2017-1002-4

Abstract: The paradox of our existence, in the Winnicottian sense of the term, and as it is already known in psychoanalysis – especially in the construction of the sentiment of being – needs the encounter with an alter, with the Other – the real and external object, with its qualities and capacity to also fundamentally threaten the human being, possibly through its adhesive nature, its intrusion, revenge, disappearance etc. This paradoxical situation, stressed out by the author in this paper, could be generative of a healthy enough Self, and thus the individual could feel themselves as the subject of their history, filiation, family, culture, within the matrix of the continuity of their existence; or, by contrast, this could be the main factor at play for certain severe pathologies (narcissistic-identitary, psychosomatics, psychotics, character disorders, personality disorders etc.). This paper will open on the subject of False and True Self, but will also deal with the construction of a transitional area, the transformation of the space of illusion, the construction of the sentiment of being and of the Self.

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