Abstract: While Westerners - English, Dutch, French, Germans, Italians - live, speak and write about "Hate and Love in Psychoanalytic Institutions" (Jurgen Reeders, 004), about fanaticism, schisms and queries on the apparent decline of psychoanalysis , Easterners - and we among them – having gone through their own historical-political metamorphoses, interrogate and self- interrogate, hopeful, to what extent the psychoanalytic institution can become the necessary and viable third party who will sublimate personal anxieties, narcissistic excesses, envy or hate or just adaptive inabilities, placing them contained in an institutional environment full of respect, able to support the evolution and independence of thought of every practitioner of psychoanalysis. Do we head, with candor and hope, for something that others who had already gone through these stages, seek to overcome, discontent with the proposed solutions?

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