Abstract: 100 years of narcissism in psycho- analysis – respective of Sigmund Freud’s “On Narcissism. An Intro- duction”, and other decades of clinical and theoretical thinking, decades marked by Herbert Rosenfeld, Heinz Kohut, Otto Kernberg, André Green, Jean Bergeret, Catherine Chabert, René Roussillon, among others. 100 years configuring the matrix of working on the impasses, disruptions in treatment, analytical errors, on the nature of nega- tive therapeutic reactions, and which requires a rearrangement of the prin- ciples and working rules, a rethinking of the psychoanalytic technique and ethics, a re-elaboration of the counter- transference; and also of what is meaning now the “internal supervisor” position, such that the different faces of Narcissus today can be analysed with few or rare disappointments, both of the patient and the analyst. After a prerequisite return to Freud and the fundamentals of psychoanalysis, the author proposes not only a reconsi- deration of the theory and of the clinic of narcissistic patients in contemporary psychoanalysis, but also some brief references to film, literature and pain- ting, for highlighting the topic proposed for debate.

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